You deserve the best. When it comes to the tactical lifestyle it is the shortcuts that cost lives.
That is why we specifically engineer our products to out-perform the standards by combining the latest in high-tech additive manufacturing solutions and using the best materials for the job.

Our Code

Break the rules

Lighter is now also stronger.
Our products are engineered to
Challenge the norm

Be high -tech

We believe in the future, that’s
why our products are all 3D metal
printed (additive manufactured)

Be unusual

Our product designs break the
norm promising a unique product
that still looks bad-ass

Form + function

It should do what it’s supposed
to but it should look good
while doing it

Be Prepared

1. Be Alert

Be aware of who and what is around you to remove the element of surprise.

2. observe

Observe your surroundings and find what can be used to your advantage.

3. Avoid

It’s basic, don’t put yourself in dangerous situations in the first place.

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